Empowering the future

We are engineering a sustainable future through solar solutions, green architecture and smart design
About Us
Empowering the Future

Providing Range of
Total Solar (PV) System Solution and Services

We can offer customised designs or use our universal systems to cater for sectors ranging from utility, government and commercial around the world. Our offerings range from delivering effective solar power solutions to clients through design and build, engineering procuring and construction or consulting and project management.

What We Offer

We offer cost-effective energy solutions that power your business

Reduce energy cost with our solutions

Build sustainable future for your business

Benefits of Solar Panel

Reduce Energy Cost

Reduce your expenses by saving money in energy consumption for your households or business

More Value

Increase your home or business value by going green with solar power which will be an long term investment.

Go Greener

Minimize carbon emissions that impact the environment by using solar power.

Profitable Investment

Gain great return on investment from solar power by utilizing free energy that helps you and your environment.

About Us & Why We are The Best For the Job

Helios Photovoltaic Sdn Bhd seeks to bring “Tomorrow’s Energy Today” to fight climate change and reduce carbon emission build-up. We are prepared to create new and innovative clean energy solutions that are accessible to everyone. We pursue in building sustainable ‘green’ environments by providing our Solar Systems to grid-connected, Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) and off-grid solutions.

Together We Harness The Power Of The Sun

Build a greener and better future together.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC)

Helios uses the latest solar equipment and is constantly adopting the latest technologies in every projects that we design and build. The process of selecting the right technology and providing innovative solutions is crucial to meet our clients’ needs. We streamline our designs to ensure we can smoothly execute projects on any scale, from start to finish.

Creating a sustainable
“Green” World

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) stated that, since 1990, global emissions of CO2 have increased by more than 46%. 60% of total global greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change. The increased use of fossil fuels contributes to global carbon emission build-up.

To pursue our long-term climate goals, we need to use renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions. International Energy Agency (IEA) reported that renewable energy generation increased by almost 3% in 2019. This is because solar power has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing renewable sources of energy. It estimated that renewable energy generation increased by about 1% in 2020.

As an energy alternative, it helps to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and contribute to environmental advantages. Certain countries can be flexible in using solar energy for locations and government incentives. Consuming renewable energy consumption at affordable costs minimise carbon emission and protects ‘green’ environments.

We develop sustainable solutions in harnessing the power of the sun that impacts on the surrounding eco-system for a cleaner and greener future.



Total energy generated from our installed solar systems

Barrels of diesel consumed = 549,970kg CO2 contributed

Tree seedlings growing for a year = 3,139,888.243 kg CO2 avoided



Total energy consumed from our installed solar systems

Our Work

Our Recent Projects


  • On Grid System

  • Singapore, 3.274 MW


  • On Grid System
  • Singapore, 2.252 MW


  • Solar Hybrid/Mini-Grid System
  • 2.252 MW


  • solar hybrid/mini-grid system
  • East Malaysia, 3.274 Mw


  • Solar Hybrid/Mini-Grid System
  • 2.252 MW


  • solar hybrid/mini-grid system
  • East Malaysia, 3.274 Mw

News & Updates

Public Bank, Helios Photovoltaic in deal for solar panel financing

Public Bank, Helios Photovoltaic in deal for solar panel financing

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 12 — Public Islamic Bank Bhd (PIBB) and solar power company Helios Photovoltaic Sdn Bhd have joined in a collaborative effort to provide exclusive private properties solar photovoltaic (PV) financing package and installation for its customers. PIBB...