Off Grid Solutions

Some people prefer a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle. Some want to power distant buildings and equipment. However, our off-grid solar power systems provide a solution that will suit you no matter how close or far.

What Benefits We Bring To You

Reduce operational expenses of your business

Gain great return on investment from solar power

Minimise carbon footprint at lower costs

Improve your brand image by going ‘green’ with clean energy

Solar Hybrid / Mini-Grid System

Hybrid Solar Systems is one of the most popular systems since it uses inverters and batteries to save and power up your premises during day and night times with no limitation.
This option is the best for those who want to be independent from the grid line or a situation where there is no access to utility grid.

Stand Alone System

Stand alone system is a system that designed to be an independent manner without reliance on public utilities. It can also be when there is no access to the utility grid due to remote areas. This system is not connected to the grid but uses a battery energy system storage (BESS) to store the electricity generates from the Photovoltaic (PV) system and can be coupled with other energy sources such as genset, wind, BESS and etc. It will use the energy from Solar during daylight and uses BESS at night or rainy day. This off grid system can be stand alone or hybrid system.

ESS (Energy Storage System)

Take your solar panel system to the next level by using Energy Storage System.
You don’t have to limit the usage of your solar panel to only during the daytime, with the help of ESS( Energy Storage System) You can save some energy to fully enjoy a sustainable system that powers up your premise even when the sun goes down.

Getting started with us is a breeze

We will walk you through a simple step-by-step process of using solar energy to get you started

STEP 01 Registration & Site Visit

Provide your contact details and our sales consultant will arrange for a site visit to evaluate your home.

STEP 02 Design & Proposal

Our engineers will design a solution for your home that fits your home needs and provide a detailed proposal

STEP 03 Financing & Approval

Our sales consultant will provide financing options based on the design proposal for your review and approval.

STEP 04 Installation & Monitoring

We will proceed to install the system for your home and provide you the tools to monitor your system for efficiency