Singapore, an island of only 728 square kilometres has succeeded in becoming one of the most environmentally sustainable nations in the world. Its strategic location has ensured its importance which is greater than its size might seem to justify. Located approximately 1° N of the equator, solar energy is the most promising renewable energy for Singapore. In tandem with its drive for a green nation, solar energy is clean, generates no emissions and contributes to Singapore’s energy security.

Let’s look at 3 groups of solar consumers in Singapore:


(mainly landed properties)


(Solar Capacity  than 10MWac)


(Solar Capacity  than 10MWac)

RESIDENTIAL CONSUMER (mainly landed properties)

For Non-Contestable Consumers with a solar capacity of less than 1 megawatt, you may register with SP Group under Simplified Credit Treatment (SCT). Under this scheme, any excess energy generated from your solar panels will be paid to you at prevailing tariff rates minus grid charges.

For Contestable Consumer with a solar capacity below 10MWac, you may register under Enhanced Central Intermediary Scheme (ECIS). Excess energy generated from your solar system will be paid at prevailing half-hourly wholesale energy prices.

SMALL BUSINESS CONSUMER (solar capacity below 10MWac)

For Contestable Consumer currently buying electricity from an electricity retailer, you can qualify for ECIS to sell excess solar energy to the market. You may register with Energy Market Company as a MP (Market Participant).

LARGE BUSINESS CONSUMER (equal to or more than 10MWac)

You may choose to register with the Energy Market Company as an MP and a Generation Facility to sell electricity.

Overview of schemes available in the market for solar consumers