For Helios PV, developing sustainable solutions means harnessing the power of the sun in a way that avoids, minimizes, mitigates or compensates for impacts on the surrounding ecosystem. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Helios PV’s solid environmental performance is founded on the integration of environmental considerations at the earliest stages of our project development process. Engineering and environmental objectives are simultaneously addressed in the design of new projects in order to protect valued components, such as wildlife and wildlife habitat, erosion protection, and vegetation, as well as, health and social-value components. Environmental factors are part of the process of permitting and construction scheduling, modelling of long-term average electricity production levels, and budgeting. This has enabled us to strike a balance of engineering functionality, economic returns, social acceptability and environmental considerations, from project design onward.

Helios PV is committed to designing reliable, safe and sustainable renewable energy solutions for a cleaner, greener future.