The Kazakhstan Federation of UNESCO Clubs in collaboration with experts on eco-friendly fashion including Savage embarked on the Steppe DNA project in May this year.

The objective of this project was to provide an opportunity for artists to showcase their works in a competition. There were a total of 900 participants and awards went to 32 finalists. The winning artworks were then printed on t-shirts. The t-shirts were sponsored by Helios and the sale of them went to charities.

The exhibition of the winning artworks was held in Boutique Sauvage gallery. It was very well received. Attendees include celebrities, designers, scientists, public figures, media representatives and ecology enthusiasts. The setting for the exhibiton was lyrical. At the entrance, guests were greeted by the unearthly sounds of the simple Hang Glucophone which supposedly fine tunes the mind to harmonious waves setting the stage for the viewing of the artworks. Guests were also treated to music by traditional string instruments at the end of the exhibition.

Mr Serkan Ayazbayev, Vice President of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs is a great admirer of the artworks and he came to the event in one of the t-shirt to show his support.

Special thanks to Lilia Rakh @liliyarakh for her initiative to include Helios as a Partners in this meaningful event.